The Rider Safety is an initiative of Smar-t Technologies that will help accident victims by sending their location to medical teams and family members and thus ensure timely help to save valuable lives.

Smar-t Technologies has been incorporated with focus on automation across different industry segments. We strive to make technology driven products that brings comfort in everyday life. The company was founded with focus on evolving innovative concepts and to give them form and shape in order to provide new and improved means to conduct business.

We focus on possibilities of transforming business process that arise as a result of technological advances and thus innovating the processes and products to form new ways of conducting day-to-day business.

With years of experience in providing IT driven solutions, the company management has gone a step further into consumer research to analyze the changing needs of the global consumer and then to provide technology driven solutions that can benefit both the consumer and client businesses in an equal manner. We are also focused on developing solutions that are meant for overall improvement of our societies.