The system utilizes the Bluetooth technology to send location of the person involved in the impact to the PCR and the medical team.

The impact sensor attached to the helmet is Bluetooth enabled and is paired to the mobile device’s Bluetooth capability. The mobile device hosts an app which has all information about the rider and it also maintains the contact list of the rider. The application runs in the background and it receives the signal from the impact sensor when the impact happens. Once it receives the signal, the mobile app records the current location of the rider and sends it to the nearest police patrol and the ambulance. It then sends SMS to the people in the contact list that their friend/relative needs emergency help.

Once the mobile app receives the signal, it waits for just one minutes for the rider to act and stop the app in case it was a false alarm or the helmet had accidently fallen down. If the rider does not act within a minutes, the app performs its function as intended.

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